Four and a Half Friends - Cris Broquetas
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Four and a Half Friends

I love this series! We adapted Joachim Friedrich’s great books to scripts. We even got to invent some new episodes based on his fun characters. The best of all was working with my favourite script editor, Deborah Jarvis from Toronto, with whom I learnt a lot of narrative skills 😉


Edebé Audiovisual and Bwater, 2014

Edebé Audiovisual


Canal Súper 3/TVC (Catalonia), RTVE/Clan TV (Spain), KIKA (Germany), VRT (Belgium), AMC Networks International Minimax (Montenegro, Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Czech Republique, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia), ITI Neovision/Canal+ (Poland), YLE 2 (Finland), SIC K (Portugal), VIET content JSC (Vietnam), Discovery Corporate Services LTD. (Northern Africa + UAE), Amazon Seller Services Private LTD (India), Starz Entertainment (USA), SHE (DVDs for German speaking territories), Thienemann-Essinger Verlag GmbH (Books for German speaking territories), Universal Music Family Entertainment (CDs and Audiobooks for German speaking territories)

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