About me - Cris Broquetas
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About me

Hi, this is Cris! I am a screenwriter, teacher and script analyst from Barcelona.


I have been writing animation series for 15 years, including the creation of the character bible, the synopsis, and the actual writing of the scripts. I have also been a script editor with a team of writers under my charge. Besides these series, I have written many children’s shows, some stories and books, two graphic novels and, recently, an animated feature film, which will premiere soon in theatres.


As an analyst, I evaluate animation projects for TV3, for the Generalitat Valenciana and for production companies that request it. As a teacher, I have given some animation script masterclasses, and I also team-teach the course on screenwriting for cinema at Showrunners writers’ school in Barcelona.


contact me. I will be happy to help you with your ideas!

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